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What is Genius Camp?

Imagine a game where you can use skill instead of luck to win huge cash prizes every day. Your intellectual power is your best asset! Imagine a game where the more you play, the better your chances of winning get. Welcome to Genius Camp.

Remember: your chances of winning are based on three factors: your IQ, the number of games played, and the number of referrals. In the long run everyone has chance to win (given your IQ is a bit higher than average).

Want to Know More?

Genius Camp is an intellectual quiz game, where you can win cash on regular basis. Every day, once a day, you can take part at our game. Play the quiz and win money.

This game operates on a pool basis – the more players that play the game, the higher the payout for the winners. Feel free to invite your friends or join our affiliate program, to get double benefits: 1. Prize values increase 2. Your chances of winning increase (with every successful referral).

In every round, the five best players win the money.

Who Operates Genius Camp?

Genius Camp is operated by the Tbilisi based company bitscout Ltd.

How Can I Participate in the Game?

There are two different kind of games: paid and free games. Some of the free games are promo games, that anyone can play at no cost and still collect prizes if you win.

Paid games: You can play for free, but in a non-promo game you won’t be able to earn money. In order to win prizes, you have to pay either a one-time fee and play without any limits. Currently the one-time fee is 0.0006 ₿.

All players must be registered and have an account to play. Your data will be saved on our secure server.

Once you have registered and paid you can play to win prizes. It’s also possible to play paid games for free, but in that case, you won’t be able to win prizes.

In order to participate, players must be at least 18 years of age. Playing online games must be legal in your country. The player is responsible for complying with respective local laws.

You can register here to start playing and winning.


Making Payments

In order to participate in the game, you have to click on “play now”. You’ll be asked to pay a one-time fee (except promotional games, which are for free).

You can deposit funds via transfer from your bitcoin wallet to your games wallet which will be displayed once you click on “Play”.

Withdrawal of Funds

The prizes you win will accumulate during the month and will be automatically paid out at the end of every month.

Note: payment providers may require fees, which will be taken from the overall amount by these providers. Unfortunately, we can't influence transaction fees.

Do I Have to Verify my Account?

In order to get paid, you have to verify your account. You should login, go to the dashboard, click on “payout settings” at the bottom of the page and upload your ID card photo.

This is important, if you don’t verify your account, we won’t be able to transfer the funds.

How Can I Delete my Account?

In order to delete your account, please send a message to: delete (at) genius-camp.com. You can use this option any time.


There’s a new game every day. At midnight CET a new game is available. You have all day to answer the questions. At 23:59 p.m. the game is closed, and the winners are notified by email.

Promotional games may last for more period of time, normally 1 or 2 weeks.

During the game you have to answer 5 questions. We calculate the time needed to answer every question. Besides getting the answers correct, your goal is also to answer the questions quicker than the other players.

If you have trouble answering a question you can skip it and come back later.

The winner of the game is the player with the highest score.

Attention: users who won first five places have to skip one round.

First place wins 40% of the winning pot, second place wins 30%, third place wins 20%, fourth and fifth place win 5% each.

After each game you get bonus points. Each game you participate in gives you an additional 5% bonus point.

Every successful referral also gives you an additional 10% bonus for paid user and 5% bonus for free user.

After users wins a game, their bonus points are cut by 50%.

The prize is calculated as a sum of all subscriptions and one-time payments, minus the platform fee (currently 20%).

On regular occasions we are also going to provide “Quiz Challenges”, where users have to solve especially complex questions for much higher prizes.


Promotional games: Anyone can play for free and win prizes.

Paid games: Users can play for free as often and as long as they wish. Free users won’t be able to win prizes, but they can train and improve their skills, and their results will be shown on the leader board.

Free players don’t earn game bonuses, but they can use the referral program to earn referral bonus points. This bonus can be used later for paid games.


Who is Generating the Questions?

Our team is working hard on the questions. At the moment we have 30 categories of questions. All of questions are IQ, logic-based quizzes. There are no trivia questions. The goal is to challenge your IQ skills, not to give players an edge just because they have better knowledge in an area.

Each question will be shown only once.



Genius Camp can be played on all modern browsers, on both desktop and mobile devices. It is adaptable to all screen sizes.

Internet connection

Bad Internet connections will affect the time it takes to open a new question or the time it takes to move to the next question. This lag will unfortunately count as game time. We do our best to makes sure there is no “heavy” content in the game, all pages are designed to be light on data, so they can be loaded quickly.